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Revenge after the Festival--Hidden Condition for Intermediate :(

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Hi Everyone,

A number of us have tried these conditions but they did not work:

(A) They are: taking in a rainbow team with a specific card (3 star):
(1) elves
(2) gnomes
(3) werevolves
(4) humans/witches (e.g. Alice the Astrologer ...)
(5) salamanders

(B) Teams:
(1) Rainbow beasts
(2) Rainbow dragons
(3) Rainbow gods
(4) Rainbow humans
(5) All dark beast team
(6) The same Leader and Ally

If anyone finds out the hidden condition, please leave a message in my mailbox or post on this forum.

Thank you,

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NOT work condition

(1) Specified Card : All Color of Slime (2 Stars)
(2) Specified Card : Green and Fire Gnome (2 Stars)

Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

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