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Revenge After The Festival--Hidden Conditions & Pumpkin Card

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Summoners Of Oblivion:
Every Guild hidden conditions are different. What I have learned from several guilds who did find their hidden conditions are they took in a rainbow team with a 3 star "food card".
So far I have tried and did NOT succeed:
3 stars: Gnomes, Humans/Witches (Alice, Marymount, Karis, Antonia, Lilith), Werewolves, Elves, and Salamandars.
2 stars: Humans/Witches, Swords
1 star: Sword

If anyone of you try and succeed, please leave a message for me in my mailbox so I can post the information as it will help our guild members get 200 points in one go. Thanks.

Someone asked what good is the Pumpkin Card. It is like the Jade Rabbit (Mid-Autumn Guild Event--Moonlight Immortal Changxi) and the Dagger Wielder (Easter Guild Event--Eostre Goddess of Spring). It helps you level up and gain experience very fast.


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BASIC LEVEL: NOT Succeed Conditions

1. Mono Attribute Team: Fire, Water, Green, Light & Dark
2. Mono Race Team: Human, Dragon, Elf, Beast and God

Pls. try another conditions.

PS. I heard from the other guile, Basic Hidden Condition is All Dark Beast Team. Let's try these conditions.

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